Pictured from left to right:
Jonny Rock (Slim)–Guitar; Forrest P. (the Iceman)–Drums; Thom Slick–Lead Vocals; Steve (Funk Daddy) Swiss–Bass


Who is Slick & Slim

SLICK & SLIM is the New Face of Rock ‘N Roll…

SLICK & SLIM (the Entity) Is High Energy Funk with a Metal edge. What is the S&S Entity? It’s the merging of Rock Stars & Rap Artists. The Power of Rock & the Rage of Rap meet Metal Guitar. Original Compositions written by S&S asking the Questions: Why are we here?? What is our Purpose?? Can’t we look past our differences and find a Common GOOD?? The energy level at their shows is Mesmerizing!

SLICK is a STRONG Vocalist with Emotion pumping through his veins. The Tower of Power with 18 inch arms. The man can sing!! He is the Mountain!!!

Guitar is SLIM (JONNY ROC) the Human Motion Machine. He plays his axe like the stage is on fire. See him perform live in concert, and you’ll believe it too!!! Joining the band are guest rap artists IKKOR the Wolf and PHAAT RAAT’S Pennagon. It’s an unstoppable on-stage explosion!!

The new S&S single release titled "Why" has been called "the feel good song of the year" by critics. College radio stations, high school auditoriums and local hot spots like the Whiskey, or the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica have experienced the "fan frenzy" excitement of a Slick & Slim concert. The Crew is ready to R-O-C-K you Now!

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